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Computers are a useful tool for many aspects of modern life, but at times they can also be difficult to understand, and make life much harder when it should be easier. With rakCha, you can get the right hardware and software, as well as finding hints and tips to help you get more out of your machine.

Whether you are a Microsoft windows user looking for more software and tools for your machine, or an Apple user who wants to learn new skills, or even just want to find out more about the unique open source Linux operating system, you will find access to plenty of great resources here ion the rakCha computer section.

Aside from great software and utilities to download, we have also collected plenty of other useful resources in this section too. We have links to sites that will provide tutorials and answers to some of the tough questions that come up for users of all levels. Whether you are an expert looking for tips to help you get more out of your computer or a novice user who simply wants to discover the basics of computer use, there are links within this section that will get you through to the information that you really need.

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